This selection of photos, on show for the first time, reflect an intimate portrayal of a time never to be seen again. Being Thai and regulars to Patpong for over two decades, the trust they had with bar owners, bargirls and tourists alike is clearly evident, resulting in a collection of truly unique images unobtainable by anyone else.

Edited down from tens of thousands of photos, so far they have only been scanned at low resolution as a taster… the next stage of this project will be to make high quality scans for a book.

"I'll Never Forget What's Her Name"

a photographic retrospective . . .

the late 1970s to the late 1990s


These photographs were taken by C. Flower & Mr Flash and document Bangkok’s infamous Patpong in its heyday.

Both photographers worked selling Polaroid photos to tourists, but both took their own personal photos using 35mm cameras and analogue film.


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